2019 Dronetech

Northland Aerospace and The Pathfinder Project

You’re invited! Northland Aerospace and The Pathfinder Project are hosting Dronetech 2019, the most significant STEM event of its kind at the Base Camp TeamBuilding Center Saturday, June 8th.

This event is for Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, and their families, providing hands-on experiences to a variety of sophisticated and very cool technologies. For Scouts and Venturers, Dronetech will offer full-day discipline-based courses on drone building, geospatial imagery, a drone flight school, and composite materials.

For those aged 9 and up that wish to attend this cool event, there is a general attendee registration that includes participating in video game design, introduction to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Not to mention incredible next generation immersive virtual realities and augmented reality experiences, operation of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, and much, much more!

Scouts and Venturers may also register as a general attendee to enjoy activities at their leisure throughout the day. Not a registered Scout, but interested in STEM? Feel free to register and take part in a once in a lifetime experience.


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2019 Dronetech

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