BALOO training for Cub leaders

The Search for Stranger Things

A multi-district experiential learning opportunity of extraordinary proportions
You: A Cub Scout Leader, dedicated to making Scouting AWESOME
Us: Dedicated volunteers, ready to share the joys of camping with Cub Scout families, and all
the hacks and insider tips to make it easy and doable!
Come with us on a Journey of Exploration! As we hunt the most infamous and legendary creatures of
the wild, you will acquire the wisdom of wild places, and practical know-how.
Step 1: Complete the online BALOO modules at my.scouting
Step 2: Pick your overnight: Friday or Saturday
Step 3: Register on the website (
Step 3a: If needed to make it possible for you to attend, you may BYOK (Bring Your Own Kid)!
Register your own Cub-age child to attend the weekend with you – Kindergarten thru 5 th grade.
 K-3 will enjoy day-camp style programming with our adult Guides on Saturday, and eat
meals with you during the weekend and camp with you at night.
 4-5 graders will attend Webelos Woods programming on Saturday, and eat meals with you
during the weekend, and camp with you overnight. [tbd: Are some Webelos planning to eat
and camp with a host troop?]

Step 4: Review your registration materials carefully, including the packing list and schedule. Because
you are part of the learning process for all of the participants, make careful note of the required
attendance days and times and plan your schedule, including transportation time. If you need to
borrow a tent or sleeping bags, let us know – we can help!
May 3 rd -4 th -5 th Camp Phillippo
Friday, 7pm central thru Saturday 9 pm/Special overnight
rebroadcast: Saturday 9am central thru Sunday 11 am. $30 per

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